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10 Best Meaningful Sympathy and Memorial Gift Hampers in Perth

May 16, 2024 joshuarodriguez (0) Comments

Losing a loved one is an incredibly challenging experience, and finding the right way to express your condolences can be difficult. A thoughtfully curated sympathy or memorial gift hamper can provide comfort and convey your heartfelt sympathies. Here are ten of the best meaningful sympathy and memorial gift hampers in Perth that can help you support your loved ones during this difficult time.

1. The Gourmet Comfort Hamper

This hamper is filled with a selection of gourmet foods and treats that can provide comfort and nourishment during a time of grief. It typically includes items such as artisanal cheeses, fine chocolates, gourmet crackers, and premium nuts.

Why It’s Meaningful:

Food can be a source of comfort and care, and a gourmet hamper offers a touch of luxury and indulgence during a difficult period. It’s a reminder to take a moment for self-care and to enjoy small pleasures.

Where to Find It:

Gourmet food stores and speciality gift shops in Perth often offer these types of hampers. Some popular options include The Grocer, Perth Gourmet Foods, and online stores like The Hamper Emporium.

2. The Tea and Tranquillity Hamper

This hamper includes a variety of premium teas, a beautiful teapot, and a selection of soothing accessories such as candles, bath salts, and a cosy blanket.

Why It’s Meaningful:

Tea has a calming effect and can provide a moment of peace and reflection. The additional items like candles and bath salts enhance the relaxation experience, offering a brief respite from the stress and sadness of mourning.

Where to Find It:

Look for speciality tea shops and gift stores in Perth. T2 and The Tea and Coffee Merchant are excellent places to start.

3. The Memory Box Hamper

A unique and personalised gift, this hamper includes a beautiful memory box along with items like a journal, photo frames, and memory stones to help preserve and cherish memories of the loved one.

Why It’s Meaningful:

Creating and preserving memories is a powerful way to honour someone who has passed away. This hamper provides tools and keepsakes to help keep those memories alive and close at hand.

Where to Find It:

Customisable memory boxes and related items can be found at local craft stores, online marketplaces like Etsy, and gift shops in Perth.

4. The Garden of Remembrance Hamper

This hamper includes a selection of plants or seeds, gardening tools, and decorative pots. It often comes with a memorial plaque or stone to place in the garden.

Why It’s Meaningful:

Planting a garden in memory of a loved one is a beautiful and living tribute. Watching the plants grow and flourish can provide ongoing comfort and a place of solace.

Where to Find It:

Visit local nurseries, garden centres, or online plant stores. Some Perth favourites include Dawson’s Garden World and Zanthorrea Nursery.

5. The Self-Care Hamper

A hamper filled with self-care items such as essential oils, a soothing eye mask, a soft robe, and skincare products.

Why It’s Meaningful:

Grieving can be physically and emotionally exhausting. This hamper encourages the recipient to take care of themselves, providing a gentle reminder that it’s okay to take time to heal.

Where to Find It:

Self-care hampers are available at wellness shops, pharmacies, and gift stores. Check out Purely Gourmet and The Good Grocer in Perth.

6. The Book Lover’s Hamper

For those who find solace in reading, this hamper includes a selection of comforting and inspirational books, a cosy blanket, and a mug for tea or coffee.

Why It’s Meaningful:

Books can provide an escape and a source of comfort. This hamper offers a quiet and peaceful way to find solace and inspiration.

Where to Find It:

Local bookstores and online retailers often offer book hampers. Dymocks and Crow Books in Perth are excellent choices.

7. The Candle and Light Hamper

This hamper features a selection of high-quality candles, a decorative candle holder, and perhaps an inspirational book or poem.

Why It’s Meaningful:

Light is often a symbol of hope and remembrance. Lighting a candle can be a ritualistic and comforting way to honour a loved one.

Where to Find It:

Candle shops and home decor stores in Perth are good places to look. Consider visiting The Candle Shack or ECOYA.

8. The Charity Donation Hamper

Instead of physical items, this hamper includes information about a donation made in the loved one’s name to a chosen charity, along with a small token of appreciation.

Why It’s Meaningful:

Making a donation in someone’s name is a wonderful way to honour their memory and contribute to a cause they cared about. It’s a meaningful gesture that reflects their values and passions.

Where to Find It:

Many charities offer donation packages. Organisations such as the Cancer Council WA, St Vincent de Paul Society, and the RSPCA are options in Perth.

9. The Spa Retreat Hamper

A luxurious hamper filled with spa essentials such as bath bombs, body lotions, face masks, and a gift certificate for a local spa.

Why It’s Meaningful:

A spa retreat hamper offers an opportunity for relaxation and self-care, helping to alleviate some of the stress and tension that comes with grieving.

Where to Find It:

Spa products and gift certificates can be found at beauty stores and spas in Perth. Endota Spa and Bodhi J Wellness Spa Retreat are great places to start.

10. The Coffee and Comfort Hamper

This hamper includes premium coffee beans, a stylish French press or coffee maker, and a selection of sweet treats.

Why It’s Meaningful:

Coffee can be a source of comfort and routine, providing a small but significant pleasure during tough times. The inclusion of sweet treats adds a touch of indulgence.

Where to Find It:

Local coffee shops and gourmet stores in Perth are ideal for finding these hampers. Look for places like Yahava KoffeeWorks and Little Owl Coffee Roasters.


Choosing the right sympathy or memorial gift hamper can make a significant difference in showing your support and care during a difficult time. These ten hampers offer a variety of thoughtful and meaningful options, each designed to provide comfort and solace in unique ways. Whether it’s through gourmet food, soothing teas, or a personalised memory box, these hampers are a heartfelt way to express your condolences and support your loved ones in Perth. Remember, it’s the thought and care behind the gift that truly matters.

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