10 Most Famous Ice Cream Brands in the World

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10 Most Famous Ice Cream Brands in the World

Who doesn’t like ice cream? It seems like the answer is no, yes, no one can resist the sweetness and coldness of ice cream. Moreover, as time goes by, we are spoiled with various kinds of ice cream flavors, from those whose name alone looks really delicious, to ice cream that tastes maybe a little strange.

What flavor do you like, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, matcha, or something else? Hmmm, you can enjoy various kinds of ice cream flavors, but of course you will feel different pleasures when eating ice cream from different brands. Yes, it is said that if you want to eat delicious ice cream, then choose an ice cream brand that is world famous, because you will definitely never be disappointed if you eat it.

Dairy Queen

At least this ice cream brand has spread to 4,800 different places throughout the world.


Hershey’s: This is the oldest ice cream brand in the world because this ice cream has been around since 1894


Having many flavors, one of the oldest ice creams in the world will immediately pamper your taste buds with its delicious melting ice.

Mayfield Dairy

In a survey, this ice cream was named the most popular ice cream. Every flavor released by this brand will definitely be immediately famous

Ben and Jerry’s

The ice cream is known to be very soft and delicious.


This ice cream provides a balanced and perfect diet

Dippin’ Dots

Many say that this delicious ice cream is the ice cream of the future because the taste of the ice melting in the mouth is very unusual.


Until now, this ice cream brand has released more than 1000 different flavors of ice cream

Cold Stone Creamery

This ice cream is of course very special because the ice cream is only made when an order is placed

Blue Bell Creameries

Not only in America, this is the most known ice cream throughout the world.

Those are the 10 most famous ice cream brands in the world. Have you ever tried one or even all of their ice creams? and don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by the page here

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