4 of the most expensive antiques

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4 of the most expensive antiques

Asalamualaikum and greetings to all. Antiques have a certain value even the price that antique hunters can pay may be in the millions of American dollars. You wonder, what are the antiques that have this high value? So that’s why in this entry the admin wants to share 4 of the most expensive antiques in the world according to lake forest antique sale restaurant

1. Porcelain Jar -Qianlong Dynasty

If you think deeply, what is so special about this antique Porcelain Jar? How much does it cost? of course expensive because it is included in the list of the five most expensive antiques in the world in today’s admin entry. Actually this antique jar was made in 1736 again from porcelain with a very beautiful decoration where there are two pheonixes and sparkling pearl flowers and calligraphy of twigs and blue leaves in the jewelry. The price broke USD 16.5 million. It is very expensive for the average person and of course these antiques can be said to be rare items in the world of antique collections.

2. Olyphant’s Trumpet

Not just any trumpet. This eleventh-century antique was actually blown up during the first battles or wars. Somewhat like a motto, these trumpets are made of elephant ivory and are carved with beautiful motifs. There are only six of them in the world and one of them was auctioned off for USD 17 million at an antiques auction in Scandinavia.

3.Codex Leicester

Leonardo da Vinci is familiar to all of us. The famous portrait painter Monalisa and some of the most scientific studies of his time. The Codex Lercester is a scientific manuscript/manuscript produced by Leonardo da Vinci which was made in 1504 to 1508. This scientific manuscript was valued at USD 30.8 million at an auction in New York in 1994 to Bill Gates.

4. Qing dynasty vase

This pot or vase was made in the Qing Dynasty back in the 18th century. This vase has been aged and valued very highly. In this pot, the pattern and color of gold mixed with sky blue make this pot stand out with the influence of the color during the Qing dynasty. Due to its artistic value, uniqueness and historical value, this pot has been auctioned off for USD 81 million, making it the most expensive antique in the world so far.

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