5 Chinese Food Recommendations You Must Try!

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5 Chinese Food Recommendations You Must Try!

Chinese food is quite popular in Indonesia because the taste matches the taste of the local people. On the other hand, there are also many citizens of Chinese descent who live in Indonesia, resulting in a fusion of cultures, especially in culinary terms. So, here are 10 typical Chinese foods that must be on your next culinary tour list!

1. Kwetiau

Kwetiau is a type of noodle made from rice flour. There are also various variations of this noodle dish, from flush, gravy, or fried kwetiau. In their home country, kwetiau was initially popular among the workers because many farmers and fishermen sold the dish at night.

Apart from using the main ingredients of noodles which are springy and wide, the kwetiau also uses eggs, mustard greens, bean sprouts, sausages, chicken/beef/shrimp meat, and soy sauce. For the price, a plate of the legendary fried kwetiau at Kwetiaw Sapi Mangga Besar 78 is around IDR 48,000 per portion.

2. Peking duck

This culinary serves sliced duck meat that is thin, soft, juicy and tasty. It will be even more delicious if you eat it with a sweet dipping sauce of hoisin. Peking duck became popular when Emperor Zhu Di moved the national capital, then in Nanjing, to Beijing in the 1420s.

For the basic seasoning, Peking duck generally uses ingredients such as nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, plum jam, parsley, cloves, white vinegar, green onions, soy sauce, honey and pepper. Because it is classified as a luxury dish, a serving of Peking duck at Jia Jia Thamrin, for example, starts from IDR 150,000. For that, prepare a budget of at least IDR 200,000 if you want to eat this duck dish!

3. Hainanese Rice

Hainanese rice has a soft and tasty chicken topping. Meanwhile, the fragrant aroma of the rice comes from the mixture of chicken stock, shallots, pandan, ginger and various other spices. According to history, the origin of this dish comes from the island of Hainan.

Because many of the island’s inhabitants migrated to other areas, the Hainanese chicken rice dish has become as popular as it is today. If you want to taste a plate of delicious Hainanese chicken rice, you can come to the famous Wee Nam Kee restaurant which is open in Grand Indonesia and Kota Kasablanka, with a price of around IDR 59,000 per portion.

4. Capcay

This Chinese food comes from the culture of Hokkien immigrants who came from the Fujian area. The term capcay also consists of two words, namely za which means mix and vegetable liquid. Therefore, there is no standard about what ingredients are used to make capcay. However, capcay generally uses vegetables such as carrots, mustard greens or pokcoy, broccoli, baby corn, and cabbage.

Even because the basic ingredients are vegetables, the price of this menu is quite pocket-friendly. For one serving of street food capcay, the price starts from IDR 15,000. However, if you stop by a well-known restaurant like the Cahaya Kota Restaurant in Central Jakarta—which has been open since 1943, the price is around IDR 40,000-IDR 50,000 per serving.

5. Fu Yung Hai

These egg dishes usually use ingredients such as vegetables and seafood or meat. After the egg omelet is cooked, the top is then drizzled with sweet and sour sauce made from tomato sauce, a little vinegar/lemon juice, onions, garlic, peas, shelled corn, sugar, pineapple, and cornstarch solution as a thickener.

Fu yung hai is also said to be the cross-cultural result of the Western food omelette. For a plate of fu yung hai, the price really depends on the ingredients. At well-known Chinese food restaurants such as the Mandala Restaurant in South Jakarta, for example, one portion of fu yung hai filled with crab meat and shrimp costs Rp. 55,000 per portion. And don’t forget to visit our website to get other interesting information by click here

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