7 Recommendations for the Coolest Indonesian Men’s Hairstyles, Try It!

July 9, 2023 Jasonfvck (0) Comments

7 Recommendations for the Coolest Indonesian Men’s Hairstyles, Try It!

As with women, Indonesian men’s hairstyles have developed from time to time. Generally, each period has characteristics that make it unique from other eras.

In the 90s, long hairstyles with a parting in the middle became a trend. Furthermore, men opted for the shoulder-length hairstyle in the early 2000s. This is due to the influence of the Meteor Garden series and the film What’s Up with Love.

In the 2020s, Indonesian men’s hairstyles are increasingly diverse. This wide variety of cuts is due to the wide open fashion references, whether from fashion magazines, social media, TV, and influencers.

#1 Blowout Haircut

This Indonesian men’s hairstyle is suitable for casual workers and students. If possible, you can add hair dye.

Blowout haircut looks cool if you combine it with an undercut fade.

#2 Brushed Up

The next style is a combination of taper haircut and brushed up. As a result, you will get sharp graded hair. This hairstyle impresses a more oval face.

#3 Butch Cut

The butch cut requires you to keep your hair the same length. The ideal hair length is 0.25 inches.

However, you can adjust the length of your hair according to the contours of your face and head.

#4 BuzzCut

The buzz cut style is characterized by short cuts of only 1 to 2 cm. To get the best results, hairdressers usually use clippers.

Even though this hairstyle seems stiff because it is similar to a military member’s haircut, the buzz cut is suitable for areas with hot weather like Indonesia.

#5 Caesar Cut

Caesar cut is a hairstyle with pieces between 1 to 5 cm around the head. Currently, many variations of the caesarean cut have emerged following the growing hair trend.

The Caesar cut leaves blunt bangs above the forehead. Generally will make someone look younger.

#6 Clean Shave

As the name suggests, a clean shave is made by shaving off the hair. Usually, a model like this is a lot of people like if they don’t want the hassle of styling their hair every morning.

This cut will give the impression of being confident, strong, and manly.

#7 Comb Back

The comb back hairstyle creates a smart and elegant impression. This style makes hair look voluminous. Combbacks are suitable for all situations and don’t forget to visit our website to get other interesting information by click here

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