A Must Try Seafood Restaurant

August 8, 2023 Jasonfvck (0) Comments

A Must Try Seafood Restaurant

Who doesn’t like seafood? Seafood in Jakarta is very addicting. If you are wondering where to go to try the best seafood in Jakarta, we have made a special summary for you. The taste of the seafood menu offered at this seafood restaurant in Jakarta really breaks on the tongue. Once you come here, you will definitely come back and come back again. Come on, just take a look at the following list.

1. Live Seafood Cabe Ijo

When you are playing in the Muara Karang area, you have to try eating seafood at Cabe Ijo which is very famous. The hero menu here is Chilli Crab. Even though the name is Cabe Ijo, it turns out that the winner is the Singaporean Chilli Crab. The portion of Chilli Crab is super big and the meat tastes fresh, while the gravy is thick and reddish in color. The taste of Chilli Crab Cabe Ijo is very tasty with a touch of sour. Another mandatory menu is Alu-Alu Cabe Ijo.

This seafood menu in Jakarta is affordable but tastes amazing. The Thai Sauce Lodi Grouper is also recommended. Served with tamarind sauce, sliced yam and kecombrang. It tastes fresh and the meat is soft. Don’t forget, also order the Lemongrass Grilled Shrimp which tastes special. You can rarely get this menu anywhere else.

2.Djakarta City

Talking about seafood restaurants in Jakarta will not be complete without discussing the legendary Banda Djakarta. This place is indeed the most recommended for eating various seafood menus. The main reason why many people like to eat seafood here is because everything is served fresh and by order. You can choose live fish and cook it right away.

Those who can’t eat without cheese, you really have to try the Cheese Grilled Jumbo Pancet Shrimp in Bandar Djakarta. The cheese portion is not stingy at all, the taste is super delicious, the prawns are juicy, and the grilled aroma is really appetizing. The Pandan Wangi Grilled Bintang Bawal Fish is no less delicious. Fish that is rich in omega 3 is cooked with spices that taste strong and served wrapped in pandan leaves which smell very alluring. For a group, just order the Mix Seafood Singapore Chili Sauce which contains a variety of seafood. Satisfaction guaranteed! visit us

3. A Thousand Flavors

There are many Seribu Rasa outlets in Jakarta and they are scattered everywhere. This restaurant is known for serving seafood, Javanese and Peranakan food. If you like spicy, you can order Maung Fish which is cooked with super spicy chili sauce. The seasoning seeps into the flesh of the fish, making every bite unforgettable. Be careful when eaten with warm rice. You can also try Jimbaran Fried Fish which looks to make you drool. The portion is jumbo, enough for a family meal. Moreover, the place is also really nice, perfect for ready-to-eat meals on Sunday afternoons or when there is a special event.

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