Bar and Restaurant recommendations along with Live Music

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Bar and Restaurant recommendations along with Live Music Nights in Bali

If you are on vacation in Bali and want to see live music at night, here are some areas that you can visit. Bali actually has many entertainment areas, including bars and restaurants that present live music. The existence of this bar and restaurant celestinarooftop is certainly a paradise for those who like to see live music. So, here are 5 bars and restaurants in Bali that have live music programs at night:

1. The Orchard Bar and Restaurant, Seminyak

One of the shared bars with live music in the Seminyak area, Kuta, Bali. The atmosphere around the bar is quite calm and not too frenzied with the hustle and bustle of vehicles. The Orchard Bar and Restaurant is suitable for those of you who want to enjoy dinner with a Western menu while ordering cold drinks and watching live music. Check the live music schedule via Instagram the_orchard_bali.
Address: Jalan Nakula, Gang Baik, Seminyak, Kuta, Badung, Bali.

2. Twice Bar, Kuta

If you want to get to know the underground music scene in Bali, Twice Bar might be a must-visit area. Many indie bands emerged from the Twice Bar dance floor, which was originally located on Jalan Popies II Kuta. Now, the Twice Bar owned by drummer Superman Is Dead (Jerinx) is located on Jalan Buni Sari, Kuta. You can order drinks while chatting and enjoying the night conditions in Kuta. Check the live music schedule on their Instagram: twice_bar

3.Gimme Shelter, Canggu

This rock and roll bar is one of the places to enjoy live music in the Canggu area. Order your favorite drink and have fun while listening to the frenetic music. Check the band’s schedule for playing Gimme Shelter via their Instagram account: gimme_shelter_bali.
Location: Fishermen’s Ring Road 444, Canggu, Badung, Bali.

4. Hard Rock Cafe Bali, Kuta

Of course, it’s not complete enough without mentioning Hard Rock Cafe as one of the rock n roll themed restaurants in Bali. Check out the walls along with the rock and roll memorabilia. There have been many top musicians, both national and international, who have tried the Hard Rock Cafe Bali stage. Check the live music schedule at Hard Rock Cafe Bali via Instagram hardrockcafebali.
Location: Kuta Beach Road, Kuta, Bali.

5. Loco By Nature, Canggu

This restaurant, which is thick with music, art, skate bowls, is located in the Canggu area, North Kuta. In this area, you can enjoy the sunset and the expanse of rice fields. For those of you who are in the Canggu area, Loco By Nature is suitable as a hangout area while ordering your favorite food and drinks. Check the latest live music schedule via Instagram
Location: Jalan Canggu Padang Linjong No. 7X, Canggu

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