Belgian Typical Food, Very Appetizing

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Belgian Typical Food, Very Appetizing

Belgium is a country located in the western part of the European continent which is known as a culinary country. Therefore, of course, Belgium has quite interesting typical food. Especially with the influence of bordering countries, such as France, Germany and the Netherlands. Some even say that Belgian food is of the same quality as French cuisine served in large portions like in Germany. Want to know what typical Belgian food is? Come on, see the following reviews.


Stoemp is a typical Belgian rural food. This food is almost similar to mashed potatoes. The difference is that mashed potatoes are made only of boiled potatoes, then pounded and seasoned with butter, milk, salt and ground pepper. Meanwhile, stoemp is made from mashed potatoes which are then mixed with meat and vegetables (can be one or more), such as carrots and green onions. Then the mashed potatoes, meat and mixed vegetables will be seasoned with cream, nutmeg and pepper.

In addition, if mashed potatoes are cooked by boiling. In contrast to stoemp which is cooked by roasting. So, after the mashed potato mixture, meat, vegetables and seasonings have been thoroughly mixed, then the dough is baked until cooked. Once cooked, stoemp is ready to be served. Usually stoemp is served with grilled sausages.

Chicon au Gratin

Belgian endive and ham gratin are classic Belgian foods which are often referred to as chicon au gratin. This food is often eaten in winter. But it can also be used as a breakfast menu.

Making this food is quite easy. You just need to boil some endive. Once cooked roll endive with ham. Then arrange on bowls and drizzle with white gruyere sauce. Bake in the oven for a few minutes, until cooked. Once cooked remove the food and the chicon au gratin is ready to be served.


Apart from prawns, Belgium has other specialties made from seafood. Moules is one of them. Moules are a Belgian specialty made from whole green mussels.

To make moules is very easy. First prepare the ingredients, such as clams, shallots, garlic, black pepper, thyme, bay leaves, white wine, cooking cream, chopped parsley and butter. After the ingredients are ready, heat the butter over medium heat to sauté the shallots until wilted. Then add bay leaves, garlic and thyme, sauté until fragrant. After that, add white wine, let it boil. When the white wine has reduced in volume, add the clams to the pot, stir until smooth and cover the pot until all the clams are exposed. Once the clams are cooked, the moules are ready to be served. Usually moules will be served with a sprinkling of parsley leaves. Then the moules will also be served with french fries or white bread as a side dish.

Belgian Fries

Maybe most of the readers have had or often have fried french fries while hanging out with the people closest to them. Yes, it turns out that Belgian itself has a similar food, namely Belgian Fries.

This food is actually quite different from some french fries in general. The difference itself lies in the food ingredients and the way the frying is done. The frying of these french fries is done through two stages, so that it can give a very crunchy taste than usual. After enjoying them, you can definitely say that Belgian fries are the best, for more information please visit us.

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