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Bitcoin, even though decentralized isn’t as anonymous as it initially was perceived to be, or even if it is; it’s not the kind of anonymity that people were hoping to get from it. That’s a problem that this Blender io review aims to solve. Basically, Bitcoin doesn’t need your name, E-mail address or any other identity to function, true. But, every single of its transactions are recorded on a public ledger, which can be viewed and verified by just about anyone on the planet.

Before we proceed further, here are the factors we took into account prior to scribbling this review down:

  • The user-interface: The ease or hardship of using the Bitcoin mixer.
  • Logs Policy: We check if the mixer stores logs.
  • Time Delays: The variation of delays possible between the input and the output.
  • Number of Additional Addresses: The number of output addresses the mixer allows for every single mix.
  • Fee: Price matters, doesn’t it?
  • Amount of User Control: How many variables can the user control from his/her end.
  • Minimum Deposits/ Maximum Withdrawals: These have to be affordable for any mixer to be acceptable.
  • Other Advanced Features: Mixing Code, Letter of Guarantee etc. are some of the other features we’ll look for.

What is Bitcoin Mixer?

Bitcoin Blender is a simple privacy tool that was launched in late 2015.

Its sole mission is to make transactions on the blockchain anonymous.

Now you might ask: I thought the transactions are anonymous already?

Nah… Pseudonymous is a more fitting word!

Transactions on the blockchain are pseudonymous. This simply means the person uses an alias or fake name, which, in this case, is the address.

This way, anyone with your address can still trace your transactions on the blockchain, which is an open ledger.

Bitcoin Mixer seeks to prevent this as it believes that privacy is a fundamental right of each person.

It does this by cutting the trail with the original address and giving you the same coins in your newly generated address.

The main focus is to ensure that the initial address trail is confused so no one can figure out the source.

It is also useful if you want to make donations or make P2P payments.

Let’s move on to learn further details about this service.Here’s an overview of the platform before we dive deeper into this review:

  • Website :
  • Fee : 0.5-2.5% + (0.0005BTC/extra address)
  • Distribution share : Manually controlled.
  • Confirmations Required : 1
  • Letter of Guarantee : Yes
  • Mixing Code : Yes
  • Time Delays : Manually controlled.
  • Minimum Deposit : 0.001 BTC.


The user-interface with is extremely simple and easy to use. The options are easily recognizable and understandable, and the process is broken down into multiple steps.

As you can see in the above screenshot, every box/option has a “?” sign next to it. Hovering over it will explain what the option does in case it isn’t already clear. The interface is such that, if you’re an extremely basic user you don’t have to touch or change anything else except entering a “receiver’s address”. Simply do that, the mixer will set the other options (time-delays, fee etc). to their default values and your coins will be mixed. Adding new addresses is as simple as clicking on the “Add Address” button, changing the fee or setting the delays too isn’t any harder. Basically the interface is self-explanatory, everything that you need to do comes automatically to you regardless of your expertise or experience in the field.

Fee charges a transaction fee that starts at 0.5% and can go up to 2.5%. However, the client can choose the exact fee amount they wish to pay within this range. In addition to the standard 0.5% fee, you can opt for higher fees of 0.683%, 1.028%, 1.366%, 1.686%, or 2.02%.

Customizing the fee amount can also add anonymity to your transactions. If you frequently use the service, consistently paying the same fee for each transaction to your “clean” wallet may draw attention. There is an additional fee of 0.0005BTC for each extra address you send the mixed coins to.

Letter of Guarantee 

Not all mixers offer a PGP-signed letter, but does. This letter, which you can download from the deposit page (where the fund deposit address is displayed), serves as a signed bond from the platform. It confirms that the displayed address belongs to the mixer and that they will send you your mixed coins. In the event that they do not fulfill this promise, you can use the letter to hold them accountable, potentially even in a legal setting.

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