Delicious Typical Finnish Culinary Shakes the Tongue

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Delicious Typical Finnish Culinary Shakes the Tongue

Finnish cuisine has similarities to Scandinavian food, the difference being that Finnish food tends not to be sweet. Finnish rye bread is unsweetened and even slightly bitter. The influence of Russian and German cuisine entered Finnish cuisine. Finnish food is not very well known outside of northern Europe.

Fish and meat play an important role in traditional Finnish dishes especially in western Finland. While dishes from eastern Finland are more likely to contain traditional vegetables and mushrooms. In Finnish cuisine the presence of fresh bread is mandatory on the table.

Finland has an interesting variety of local dishes. Finland’s forests and lakes seem to hide a treasure trove of foodstuffs such as berries, mushrooms and fish. The following are Finnish specialties that you need to taste:

Silli Jud Uudet Perunat

This typical Finnish culinary is actually potatoes combined with herring (silli). Potatoes with fresh lake herring plus chantarelle sauce. Another variation of potatoes combined with fish eggs and silli. Even potatoes that are only combined with silli and a little butter, a little fennel and a little salt added. The variations of silli jud uudet perunat are endless but equally tantalizing.

The Finns had a hard time getting potatoes and it took a long time, because they usually appeared only in the summer. When the potato harvest came, the local newspapers would do a news item every year.


Rapu is a Finnish dish for a crayfish feast or “kraftskiva”. Originally kraftskiva was a Swedish tradition adopted and celebrated by the Finns every summer. Rapu or small freshwater crayfish are considered gourmet food and don’t come cheap. That is why Rapu always attends elegant parties. Additionally in Crayfish season festivities that take place between July 21 and early fall.


Basically it’s a cinnamon bun. In Finland Korvapuusti is usually eaten as an accompaniment to a cup of coffee, because Finns consume a lot of coffee and a lot of cinnamon buns compared to other European countries. Once you enjoy this typical Finnish culinary, it’s hard to stop at just one or two pieces.


The next typical Finnish food is Leipajuusto which is usually used as a typical dessert from Northern Finland. Leipajuusto is made from cow’s milk, a cheese bread that has a very unique texture. In the past, Leipajuusto was so valuable that it was even given as a salary to people working the fields during the summer harvest.

According to Leipajuusto is very easy to prepare and available in every local supermarket. To serve you just need to cut it into small slices and warm it in a pan with the cream mixture. When ready, serve with cloudberries or lakka or hilla in Finnish. Cloudberry is one of the most delicious fruit. These vitamin-rich berries can be found in the Lappish swamps. The combination of Leipajuusto, cream and cloudberry will give you a delicious combination of sour and sweet flavors. Also suitable as a friend to drink coffee.


There are more deer than men in Lapland. Because of this, venison is a very common ingredient in dishes in Northern Finland and tourists can find it in a wide variety of dishes, whether smoked venison, dried venison, chopped venison, venison in soups, and so on.

Stir-fried deer or Poronkäristys in Finnish is one of the Finnish specialties that can be eaten in all seasons and tourists can find it in many restaurants. Thinly sliced sauteed venison served with mashed potatoes, pickles and lingonberries.

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