Estimated Cost of Rent a Wedding Hall in Jakarta

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Estimated Cost of Rent a Wedding Hall in Jakarta

When getting married, a monumental reception is certainly the dream of many couples. If you have a house with a large yard, you can hold the reception for the sacred ceremony in a private house. However, if by chance the conditions where you live are not possible, you still rent the buildings to hold your wedding. If you live in Jakarta or want to hold a wedding in that city, there are already many buildings that can be rented, starting at tens of millions of rupiah.

Who doesn’t want to get married? Marriage or marriage, in addition to religious advice, is also one of the cultures and part of the human life cycle, is the foundation for the formation of a family. You need to know, life in this group does not happen by chance, but is bound by blood relations and marriage.

The process called marriage usually takes place after the two lovebirds feel compatible with each other. It is a union of two unique individuals by bringing each individual based on their cultural background and experience, making marriage not just the union of two individuals, but rather the union of two family systems as a whole and the construction of a new system.

Marriage Fees at KUA

So, if and want to be legalized both religiously and by state, the couple can register their marriage at the KUA (Office of Religious Affairs). Until now, if the wedding is held at the KUA and on weekdays, it is free of charge or free. Meanwhile, if you carry out the marriage ceremony outside the KUA or at the KUA but outside working hours, an administration fee of IDR 600,000 will be charged.

HIS Grand Slipi Convention Hall

This wedding hall is located at Grand Slipi Tower, Jalan Letjen S. Parman RT 1 RW 4, Palmerah, West Jakarta. HIS Grand Slipi Convention Hall is in a strategic location surrounded by other modern buildings. Near this place, you will find Ibis Hotel Slipi, Slipi Apartments, to Bank Mandiri and BCA Buildings.

BRP Marriage Building

This place is located on the 2nd Floor of the Sucofindo Building, Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu Kav. 34, Pancoran, South Jakarta. The location of the BRP Marriage Building is not too far from the Kalibata Heroes Cemetery. Not only that, this place is also quite close to several inns, such as Wisma Indah Apartments, Rukita Potlot Duren Tiga, and Bobobox Pods Pancoran.

Kartini Hall

Balai Kartini is actually a convention and exhibition center, but can also be rented for wedding receptions. This building itself is located at Jalan Gatot Subroto No. 6, RT 6 RW 3, Kuningan, South Jakarta. Balai Kartini is surrounded by similar buildings, such as the BRP Smesco Convention Hall, Balai Makarti Muktitama, the Assembly Hall Wedding Hall, to the HIS Patrajasa Yudistira Grand Ballroom Wedding Hall.

According to the reviews of a number of people, Balai Kartini is indeed very suitable as a place for wedding receptions and the like. Events ranging from medium class to large scale can be carried out in the building properly. Apart from being a very luxurious and elegant place, the staff are also claimed to serve guests well, and have qualified hall facilities and facilities and don’t forget to visit our site to get other interesting information by visit the rheventcenter

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