Examining the Meaning of Leadership

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Examining the Meaning of Leadership

Ahead of the commemoration of the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia in August, Coki is tasked with holding various festive events in his village. Coki received a direct appointment from Mr. RT, to mobilize his friends to create various creations to celebrate the independence day. The lack of experience leading groups, especially organizing activities, makes Coki continue to explore and gain knowledge from the seniors in his village, regarding leadership in organizing teams.

However, in this search, Coki still feels dissatisfied in discovering what true leadership is. Don’t just ask around. Coki also continues to surf the internet to find the meaning of leadership. So, let’s help Coki, to find out what leadership means. Let’s review in more detail what leadership is through the following description:

Talking about leadership, imagination immediately leads to a term “boss” or boss. Many argue or define that leadership(https://greenwoodleadershipacademy.org/) is a trait, habit, temperament, character and personality that distinguishes a leader in interacting with others. There are also those who provide an understanding of leadership, namely the ability to influence other people or a group towards achieving goals.

Based on some of the definitions above, in general we can conclude that leadership is an ability possessed by a person in leading his subordinates in order to achieve a goal. Thus, leadership style or leadership spirit is key in achieving certain goals.

Call it in a company or organization, leadership becomes one of the important things in achieving organizational goals. The right leadership style will make its members comfortable and able to work together in achieving goals. Vice versa, leadership with an inappropriate style will destroy an organization.

Well, in ancient times, leadership was familiar to us in a linear direction, where the relationship between management and employees, was more like “Boss” and “Subordinates”. Indirectly, it also presents a status of rigidity, because it is connected in strata in terms of bosses and subordinates. Not infrequently the subordinates feel afraid, reluctant, reticent and so on which ultimately creates distance and insulation.

Leaders are not just people who can be respected and can control others. But being able to be an example and role model for its members, and bring change for the better. Experience also fills the points of our success in carrying out leadership roles. Because filling a leadership chair is also a learning tool for someone that applies for life. Learning is not only formal, but can also gain knowledge from observation and hearing. Having good or bad experiences can also be a medium or source of learning.

The trend of perspective on leadership in the current era is more on service orientation. A leader is not served but serves, because the principle of a leader with the principle of serving is based on career, as the main goal. In providing services, leaders should be more principled in good service. Because when he serves well, whoever he leads will feel that he is getting more attention. Not just status as subordinates, staff, team members or people (in the context of regional or state leaders).

No less important, in carrying out the leadership role, a person needs to bring positive energy. It can also be said as a person who has energy and passion. Using positive energy based on sincerity and the desire to support the success of others. For that we need positive energy as an element of building good relations. A leader must be able and willing to work for long periods of time and in uncertain conditions. Therefore, a leader must show positive energy, such as: believing in other people, bringing balance in life, seeing life as a challenge, being able to work together, and continuing to practice self-development.

Successful leaders are those who can control themselves and work to inspire others. Synergizing, serving and empowering the team will provide opportunities for employees to grow based on their motivation and hard work. Great businesses will seek to inspire employees by encouraging growth and learning, supporting them with the right education and training, and creating a positive and conducive work environment. If a leader is able to empower his team to be as great as himself or even beyond, then he will have a tremendous impact on others.

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