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Helping Your Clients Heal: Dog Memorial Gifts That Grow Love

June 10, 2024 gimaw72968 (0) Comments

The loss of a loved pet is a private and personal experience. The pain can be profound for pet parents, and those that cared for the pet over time such as the veterinarians, groomers, and other pet care experts. What can you do to offer comfort and support when confronted with a patron’s grieving heart?

We believe that the relationship between humans and animals is everlasting. Traditional memorial presents for dogs and cats, such as fresh flowers, can be beautiful, but they don’t last but a short time. We offer an exceptional substitute: heartfelt memorial dog remembrance gifts that foster enduring memory.

The Power of a Seed: The Pet Perennials Difference

More than just a present, our iconic DIY gardening kit allows pet owners to participate in an activity that supports the healing process. Compared to perishable flower arrangements, the Pet Perennials Kit offers recipients the ability to create a living tribute to the pet; a long-lasting memorial garden filled with vibrant wildflowers.

Here’s what makes our dog and cat memorial gifts special:

  • A Lasting Legacy: The kit contains everything needed to create seed wafers that grow into perennial wildflowers, which will bloom annually. It ensures that the memory of a beloved furry friend stays on, season after season.
  • A Personal Touch: The package enables customization by allowing pet owners to add a small portion of the pet’s cremation remains if desired. It personalizes the experience and adds a sentimental element to the memorial garden.
  • The Comfort of Creation: Sowing the seed wafers and nurturing life offers a sense of purpose and optimism during difficult times.
  • A Stunning Display: The wildflowers that emerge from the seed wafers make a stunning and vibrant ongoing memorial garden in honor of a cherished pet.

Perfect for Pet Care Professionals: The Gift Perks Program

We understand that pet care specialists like veterinarians, groomers, and kennel operators regularly witness the heartbreak of pet loss firsthand. Our Gift Perks account is to make it convenient and affordable to offer consolation and aid to your customers at some point in this difficult time.

Here’s the way it works:

  • Free registration: Pet-centric businesses can sign up for a free Gift Perks account to earn special business pricing on gift packages. Register for Gift Perks.
  • Seamless gifting: When you’re ready to place an order, log in to your Gift Perks account, explore the pet loss collections, choose an appropriate gift, a sympathy card, and include your personalized message to the client. 
  • We’ll manage the rest. Following the order, our fulfillment team handles every detail, from gift wrapping the items to hand-writing the condolence message onto your card selection.
  • Direct Delivery: The gift is shipped, then delivered to the client’s home, providing a seamless, easy, and sympathetic way to send your condolences to a client during a tough time. 

You display genuine care and compassion by providing dog memorial gifts and cat memorial gifts through the Gift Perks account, promoting stronger customer relationships and building long-term loyalty.

More Than Just a Gift, It’s a Gesture of Support

When a pet passes away, the pain can be overwhelming. We provide dog remembrance gifts, cat memorial gifts, as well as horse memorials that go beyond simple gestures. We provide a message of healing, a way to actively remember a loved furry companion, and with the gift option of the Pet Perennials kit, a beautiful living tribute that grows with love.

Let Pet Perennials assist you in offering the comfort your customers need during a difficult time.

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