How Much Does Powder Coating Cost?

May 9, 2024 RustyLionsLLC (0) Comments

Powder coating is a dry metal finishing process that has quickly overtaken wet paint as the preferred finishing medium across industries. It offers great versatility in terms of colors, textures, and finishes and is suitable for a wide range of substrates. If you’re looking for the average powder coating cost in New Jersey, we’ve got you covered. 

The average powder coating in New Jersey varies between $800-$1200, though it can go up to $3,000 for select applications. The first factor that influences its price is the size and number of objects to be coated. Small automotive parts like rims and wheels are calculated per item wise, while large items like furniture and machinery are calculated on a personal square foot basis. 

 Powder Coating Cost of Common Items

Here’s the average powder coating cost of common products at our shop:

·        Automotive Parts

Automotive parts like rims and wheels are batch-coated, meaning coated in one go. Each automotive item costs about $50-$70. 

·        Architectural Items

Architectural items like fences, gates, and railings are calculated on a per-square-foot basis. On average, they’re priced at $7 per square foot.

·        Furniture 

Large furniture like beds may cost $100-$200, while chairs may cost $75-$85 per item.

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