How to Make a Business Plan

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How to Make a Business Plan

Turn your creative ambitions into a real-world business with this essential crash course for startups

So you’ve thought of a brilliant business idea, and spotted a huge gap in the market where it can set up home. Now things get complicated. Shaping a big idea into a sustainable small business is a challenge at the best of times – and for those with little or no experience of running an enterprise, it can be incurably discouraging.

This jargon-free, hands-on masterclass combines established business thinking with the best lessons of the revolutionary lean startup culture which has accelerated innovation in the tech sector. Management consultant Richard Hughes-Jones, founder of startup specialists Firewerks, will first guide you through the process of researching and analysing your market, your customers and your product. By the end of the day, you’ll have drafted a workable business plan tailored to the specific needs of your company, and ready to take your first steps into the market.

Featuring invaluable advice on how to build a strategy, understand your strengths and weaknesses and avoid common financial pitfalls, no matter what stage your fledgling company is at, this course can transform your business model from unviable to enviable.

Course Description

This jargon-free, intensely hands-on course provides a thorough introduction to business strategy through a series of practical exercises. Throughout the day, Richard Hughes-Jones will provide continuous feedback on your progress, ensuring every attendee gets the personalised results they need. Topics covered on the day include:

What an intelligent business plan is, and how it differs from traditional approaches
Hypothesising ‘leap of faith assumptions’
Simple tools for analysing your market, competitors, customers and your own company
Where are you now, where do you want to be in the future and what do you need to do to get there?
Financial and risk management
How to develop – and execute – your own intelligent business plan
This course is for you if…
You have a great idea for a business, or have spotted a great opportunity, but don’t have the management skills or experience to make the most of it
You’re already setting up a small business but concerned your existing business plan isn’t robust or detailed enough
You’re considering investing in a startup but don’t know how to ensure a return on your investment

Tutor profile
Richard Hughes-Jones the boss at Firewerks, established to bring strategic business thinking and training to startups and high growth enterprises. He has ten years experience as a management consultant, working at Deloitte and in a senior management position at HM Treasury. He prides himself on challenging the traditional corporate stereotype, something that those he works with recognise. Richard was recently voted the 12th most influential blogger in 2013 on the world’s most popular innovation website, Innovation Excellence, and he is on Twitter @rhughesjones and website

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