Indian Food Recommendations

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Indian Food Recommendations

This spice with a strong aroma is very suitable for the tongue of the Indonesian people, in fact, it has spread to various countries. Even in big cities in Indonesia, nowadays there are many restaurants serving Indian specialties as the main menu. If you have never tasted how authentic Indian food is, you seem obliged to taste the taste of the most popular Indian food. In the following, we will provide suggestions for the most popular Indian specialties and you must taste them website!

1. Biryani Rice

This typical Indian food is actually too popular for its delicious taste all over the world. Biryani rice is a typical Indian food that uses basmati rice as its main ingredient. Basmati rice has the characteristic of being long and slightly dry. You will taste the delicacy of biryani rice with a rich taste of spices and various spices, including turmeric, coriander, pepper, to cardamom. Biryani rice is even more delicious with mutton filling as a complement.

2. Tikka Masalas

Tikka masala is a typical Indian food after that which is already worldwide and you must try it. Tikka masala belongs to curry dishes with the basic ingredients being chicken meat. This typical Indian food has a deep orange color with a very strong aroma. Chicken meat is prepared using yogurt, cream, tomatoes and other vegan curry spices typical of India. Tikka masala is usually eaten with warm white rice. Another interesting fact, historians are still debating about the origin of tikka masala. In fact, this typical Indian dish is actually a food created in Great Britain by immigrants from Bangladesh.

3. Lassie

Still about the typical Indian drink that you can taste when visiting the next country, namely the Lassi drink. This drink is made from yogurt, spices, and fruit. Apart from that, lassi drinks can also be made from mangoes or cardamom. Lassi will be so delicious if added with milk and salt unless you really want to get a savory taste. Usually, Indian people will use cashews or soybeans as an additional mixture when they want to drink lassi.

4. Chole Bhature

Chole bhature is one of the most popular dishes in the city of New Delhi, India. Chole bhature is perfect to eat on an empty stomach. This meal consists of fried flatbread or bhature and a spicy gravy chickpea dish commonly known as Chloe.

5. Biryani Rice

Furthermore, there is a special Indian food which is also very popular called biryani. Basmati rice is the main ingredient derived from biryani rice. The distinctive feature of basmati rice is its long shape and slightly dry texture. You can taste the delicacy of briyani rice with a rich taste of spices complete with various spices. Some of the spices available in this dish, such as pepper, coriander, cardamom and turmeric. Biryani rice will be even more delicious when it has mutton filling as a complement.

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