Japanese Restaurant Recommendations

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Japanese Restaurant Recommendations

Japanese food or restaurants are so popular among Indonesian people nowadays. There are many choices of food or Japanese restaurants to choose from, from sushi, ramen, udon, and so on. Unfortunately, there are still many who become anxious when they want to taste this dish because they are worried that the ingredients are not halal. In fact, so many fans, especially Muslims.

Even so, the choice of Japanese restaurants that are certified halal by the MUI has become a lot these days. The good news again, now the list has become more consistent followed by promos for easy payment steps. If you and your family want to find a halal Japanese restaurant, you should check some of the recommendations here. Apart from being halal, it definitely tastes so delicious and is able to spoil the tongue. What Japanese restaurants are available? Check out the consistent reviews in this article sapporoshakopeemn.com, OK!

1. Genki Sushi

Genki Sushi is one of the famous sushi restaurants from Japan which is now in Indonesia. This restaurant has achieved MUI halal certification, making it suitable for Muslims to taste their delicious dishes without any worries. One of Genki Sushi’s strengths is the concept of a conveyor belt or table that serves freshly made sushi. You can choose the sushi you like and it will be served fresh by the chef behind the counter.

In the Genki Sushi menu, there are many choices of sushi styles, from nigiri to fusion rolls with unique flavors such as spicy tuna crunch roll. Apart from that, you can also order other dishes such as soba or ramen as a complement at this restaurant. When you stop by Genki Sushi, don’t forget to also try their delicious matcha latte. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very cozy and comfortable so that it will make your dining experience more enjoyable.

2. Marugame Udon

Marugame Udon is a halal Japanese restaurant that provides udon dishes with authentic flavors and affordable prices. This restaurant originates from Japan and already has many branches around the world, including Indonesia. Using the fast-food concept, Marugame Udon serves udon dishes in a short time but always pays attention to the quality. Here, visitors can choose various kinds of udon, from niku udon, beef curry udon, chicken katsu curry udon, and many more.

Not only that, the atmosphere of a busy restaurant with an open kitchen will make visitors feel the sensation of eating in Japan directly. For you lovers of Japanese culinary delights, Marugame Udon is worth a try as your next culinary destination!

3. Kimukatsu

Kimukatsu is a halal Japanese restaurant famous for its tender and delicious katsu dishes. Kimukatsu offers various styles of katsu from beef to chicken. What makes Kimukatsu so special? They use a unique meat grinding technique, namely cutting one piece of meat into 25 thin layers before grilling. This process makes the texture of the katsu softer and more delicious when eaten.

In addition, Kimukatsu also offers various kinds of sauces to be combined with various food menus. These sauces can add additional flavor to your dish according to taste. Not only that, this restaurant has a modern Japanese-style interior that will make visitors feel comfortable and relaxed while visiting there. If you are looking for an MUI halal Japanese restaurant with authentic flavors and a pleasant atmosphere, then Kimukatsu should be your choice.

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