Medical College Fees

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Medical College Fees

Studying medicine is one of the majors that is in great demand by prospective students in Indonesia. However, visit us, as one of the most expensive majors, the cost of medical school is a major consideration for many people who want to pursue a career in the health sector. So, in this article, we will discuss more about how much it costs to study medicine in Indonesia.

Before discussing further, please note that the cost of studying medicine in Indonesia can vary greatly depending on several factors. Several factors that can influence the cost of studying medicine include the campus chosen, the type of study program, and the student’s financial status.

In general, medical tuition fees in Indonesia can range from around 15 million to 50 million per semester. However, for more well-known campuses, tuition fees can reach hundreds of millions per semester. Fees per semester at the Maranatha Christian University Faculty of Medicine, as one of the favorite medical faculties in Bandung City, ranges from around 48 million rupiah for the 2022/2023 academic year.

Although the cost of studying medicine in Indonesia can be very expensive, there are several ways to reduce the cost of studying, such as by getting a scholarship or obtaining financial assistance from a government or private institution. Apart from that, several campuses also offer tuition fee waiver programs for outstanding students or those who need financial assistance.

There are several factors that cause medical college costs to be high, including:

Facilities and Laboratories

The expensive medical tuition fees are generally caused by complete and adequate facilities and laboratories. Campuses must ensure that laboratories and other facilities are available and comply with the required standards. These facilities require large costs for routine maintenance and repairs.


Books are one of the factors that causes the high cost of studying medicine in Indonesia. Almost all available books about medicine are imported books because it is still very rare for publishers in Indonesia to publish these books.

In terms of material, the lecture books used by medical faculties in Indonesia are generally the same. For this, Maranatha Christian University has the advantage of providing medical materials that can be accessed in digital form as well as virtual practicum simulators. Because of this, Maranatha Christian University facilitates its students with tablets from the moment they enter college.

Teachers and Health Workers

The medical profession is a profession that is very important and needed in society. Therefore, teachers and health workers involved in medical college programs must have high qualifications and extensive experience. The salaries and incentives for them are also quite high, making medical school fees expensive.

Medical Technology

Medical technology continues to develop over time, and medical schools must ensure that students have access to the latest medical technology. The latest medical equipment and technology costs a lot of money to maintain and repair.

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