Most Popular Japanese Food Restaurants

September 18, 2023 Jasonfvck (0) Comments

Most Popular Japanese Food Restaurants

In Indonesia, there are still a few people who like to eat raw Japanese food, but there are also those who like it, for example, types of food that are half-cooked or not well-cooked. Generally, this type of Japanese cuisine has a taste that is not too strong, but is unique and very healthy, so it is natural that Japanese restaurants are among the restaurants that are busy with visitors. Well, several types of that are popular with many people because they taste delicious and unique, include:

1. Ichiban Sushi

Ichiban Sushi is a Japanese restaurant in Indonesia that sells a variety of the most delicious Japanese food.
This Japanese restaurant already has many outlets in various regions in Indonesia, including Jabodetabek. The menu provided is very diverse, starting from sushi, ramen, and so on

2. Sakana

The next recommended authentic Japanese restaurant is Sakana Jakarta. This type of restaurant is very popular and liked. Because, Sakana has a variety of Japanese dishes that are most suited to the palate. If you want to buy the most delicious Japanese food at the best restaurant, make sure to buy it at Sakana.

3. OKU

When you want to go to the most authentic and catchy Japanese restaurant in Indonesia, go to OKU. This Japanese restaurant has the best service and taste of food. This Japanese restaurant serves a menu prepared from premium ingredients every day. So, you no longer need to worry about the quality of the food.

4. Sushi Hiro

This Japanese restaurant in Jakarta is highly recommended, especially because the sushi and other Japanese dishes served at Sushi Hiro are really delicious. If you want a new experience when eating Japanese cuisine, make sure to come to Sushi Hiro.

5. Burgushi

Want Japanese dishes that are different and more interesting than other Japanese foods? Make sure to come to Burgushi. This Japanese restaurant provides Japanese food that has been mixed with western food culture. At this place, you can buy sushi wrapped in burger buns, so of course it is very fun and delicious on the palate.

6. Zenbu

Zenbu is a Japanese restaurant that provides the best dishes with creamy melted mozzarella cheese. You could say, this restaurant has a smart concept because it combines typical Japanese food with Italian ingredients, namely creamy cheese.

Above, you already know a variety of Japanese food and recommendations for Japanese restaurants that are successful and have lots of customers. If you also want to start a restaurant business, it is important to ensure that the restaurant concept and types of food are well planned.

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