Mothers Must Know How to Take Care of Newborns

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Mothers Must Know How to Take Care of Newborns

How to care for newborns is often a concern for new parents. However, you don’t need to worry too much because it can be learned. One way to treat newborns so that they gain weight quickly is exclusive breastfeeding until the age of 6 months. Mothers need to improve the quality and quantity of breast milk by consuming nutritious intake, one of which is Frisian Flag PRIMAMUM breastfeeding milk. This milk contains a high content of DHA which is useful for supporting the development of the little one’s brain, 9 Essential Amino Acids (AAE), important proteins that cannot be produced by the body and must be obtained from food every day to support the optimal growth and development of your little one in 1000 Days First of Life and 9 important nutrients to maintain the health and immune system of the mother with a delicious chocolate flavor that is sure to be liked by the mother.

Baby skin care

Mothers need to be careful in applying how to care for newborns. Because, the skin of a newborn baby is still relatively sensitive, right, Mom. Mothers do not need to give lotions or creams from baby care products when they are less than 1 month old.

If the mother is going to provide baby care products, give special products for babies. Care products for adults usually contain fragrances or cleansers that may not be suitable for your little one’s skin. Also avoid excessive use of baby powder because it can cause respiratory problems, including the lungs.

Treatment for cradle cap

Reporting from fb cat jackson Cradle cap often appears in newborns, namely in the form of dry and scaly skin like dandruff. This condition is caused by oil glands that produce excess oil due to hormones produced by the mother and ‘transferred’ to the baby at birth.

Sometimes there are also scalp disorders that look yellowish, thick, oily, and flake like crusts. This cradle cap will start to disappear within 2-3 weeks after your little one is born and disappear completely within a few months.

Baby nail care

Newborn nails are softer or softer than adult nails, but sometimes baby nails easily scratch their own skin. That’s why you need extra attention on how to care for this newborn.

Your little one’s nails tend to grow faster and need to be trimmed once or twice a week. If your little one’s nails grow quickly, you need to cut or clip them regularly using special baby nail clippers.

Care of the baby’s umbilical cord

How to care for the navel of a newborn needs to be done carefully, Mom. After your little one is born, the umbilical cord must be kept clean and try to keep it dry. Usually this umbilical cord will fall off by itself, between days 10-21.

Umbilical cord care is done by leaving it uncovered by the diaper and keeping it clean and not exposed to baby’s urine. In hot weather, your little one can wear loose diapers and t-shirts so that air can circulate properly and speed up the drying process of the umbilical cord.

Mothers can also apply breast milk as a way to care for newborns to speed up the release of the little one’s umbilical cord. According to research, treatment using breast milk causes the umbilical cord to detach two days faster than dry care (not covered with gauze) and four days faster than covered with gauze.

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