Recommendations for Wine Drinks That Are Suitable to Accompany a Romantic Dinner with Your Partner!

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Recommendations for Wine Drinks That Are Suitable to Accompany a Romantic Dinner with Your Partner!

Surely you are familiar with wine, an alcoholic drink made from fermented grapes or other fruit. The wine fermentation process occurs naturally without adding acid, sugar, water, enzymes or other nutrients. The sugar content in grapes will be absorbed by yeast, resulting in carbon dioxide and ethanol.

Of course, the taste of the wine produced is different. This difference in results is caused, among other things, by the geographical environment of the fermentation, the reactions that occur during fermentation, and how the wine is processed. That’s why, there are wines that taste sweeter or more bitter.

Even though it’s not easy to find, a number of restaurants provide wine that you can drink in bottles or glasses. Have you tried it yet? If not, let’s get to know the 4 types of wine below!

Fortified Wine

If you have ever heard of Sherry wine from Spain or Port wine from Portugal, then that is the type of Fortified Wine. This drink is a natural wine whose alcohol content is stronger than other wines. It is said to be harder or stronger, because the total liquor Fortified Wine is added with Brandy or spirit.

Usually, the alcohol content in this type of wine reaches 15 to 22 percent, you know. In its use, Fortified Wine can be used to mix food or cocktail drinks. There are also those who drink this wine before starting to eat.

Aromatized Wine

So, if Fortified Wine is infused with various spices, flowers, plants and fruit skins and processed by distillation to produce a certain aroma, then it becomes Aromatized Wine. Vermouth, Anises, and Bitters are known as part of Aromatized Wine. This wine, with an alcohol content of 15 to 21 percent, is often drunk as an appetizer before a meal or used as a cocktail mixture.

Imagine drinking Aromatized Wine with orange or lemon peel, it’s so refreshing! Regarding taste, this wine produced in Italy and France has two possibilities: sweet and not sweet. Red aromatized wine tends to be sweeter, while white wine is usually not as sweet.

Natural Still Wine

As the name suggests, Natural Still Wine without the addition of other substances. Yep, this wine undergoes one normal fermentation process. It is said to be natural because no yeast is added to it like the process of making other wines.
There are at least 4 types of Natural Still Wine that you can find on the market. First, Red Wine, namely fermented red wine with grape skins and seeds. Second, White Wine which is obtained from the fermentation of white grapes without the skins and seeds.

Third, Rose Wine, aka red wine, is processed with the skins and fermented for a fairly short time, namely only 2 to 3 hours before the grape skins are removed. The last type of Natural Still Wine is Dessert Wine which is more often consumed as a dessert. Dessert wine or sweet wine uses white grapes that are ripe and give off a sweet fermented taste.

Sparkling Wine

This type of wine is called sparkling because it emits air bubbles, aka bubbles, which come from the carbon dioxide in it. The most famous sparkling wine is Champagne from the region called Champagne-Marne, France. That’s the drink that if you open the bottle, sour gas foam will come out.

So, what makes this wine different from other drinks? Sparkling Wine contains carbon dioxide from the fermentation of both sugar and yeast. What makes it even more special is that this 14% alcohol drink is made from grapes that are only grown and processed in the Champagne Village.

Oh yes, apart from France, Spain also has sparkling wine called Cava and Italy has Asti wine. But what is clear is that in serving Sparkling Wine you need to master certain techniques. How about it, interested in trying it? Riesling has citrus flavors such as kefir lime and lemon juice as well as white peach and nectarine. It also usually tastes floral and has sweet herbal elements. This wine has a high acid content. Usually tastes sweet and sour or dry (very sour). Suitable to enjoy with chicken, pork, Turkish, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Moroccan, German dishes, and also fondue

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