Review Food From Acehardware Store Tasty Cheese Make Us Hungry

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Review Food From Acehardware Store Tasty Cheese Make Us Hungry!

However, to make it easier to learn what is conveyed. We should understand the structure and concept then prepare the material text. The following is an example of a review of a food product in text form, see an example:

Example of Viral Food Review Text “Richeese Truffle”
Example of Viral Food Review Text “Richeese Truffle”
Richees Factory has a new menu? What is that? That’s it, a luxury food from the famous expensive truffle mushroom. Who’s tried it? If you haven’t tried it, I’m here to tell you.

So yesterday while walking at, I accidentally stopped at the Richeese Factory near my house. Turns out there’s a new menu, called “Truffle Madnes Series”. Well, as far as I know, truffles are notoriously expensive, right? So don’t think long, give it a try.

This is my first time trying the truffle menu, so I ordered a separate sauce.Just in case, if I don’t like the taste, at the same time so that I can feel the real taste. I will try to do a sample review of this luxurious and viral food product, stay tuned.

First, in terms of appearance, it’s normal, I mean, it’s like other menus. Maybe it’s because I asked to keep the sauce separate, so it’s different from the picture on the menu because it’s eye-catching.

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At this time, I ordered the menu “Chicken with truffles” so I got 3 sauces, 2 cheese sauce and 1 truffle sauce. I’m sure you already understand the taste of cheese sauce, so I wanted to go over what makes it so interesting here is truffle sauce.

The second criticism concerns taste. In my opinion, the truffle sauce is delicious, the texture is denser, thicker and has a characteristic aroma. But, here, I also find the taste a bit sour.So I think it’s better if you buy the sauce separately, then I tried to mix it so it didn’t taste like truffles.

Overall I like it and have nothing to lose trying the new Truffle line menu. If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a try…before the menu disappears you will regret it. Okay, see you in my next review.

Example of Healthy Food Review Text “Spring Roll”

Example of Food Review Text
Want to eat healthy but still delicious? do you exist? The proof is there, here is spring roll by meet maheswara food. You are familiar with a food called spring roll, right? if not here I’ll tell you.

Spring rolls are slices of fresh vegetable salad rolled up like spring rolls using rice paper. Vietnamese food is rich in nutrition. Initially, I thought the taste would be boring because it was dominated by vegetables. Turns out I was wrong, the taste is really good, fresh, the vegetables are still crunchy when chewed, plus the sauce is addicting.

Had an under estimate, it wouldn’t make you full. In fact, eating one already fills the stomach. Maybe this is the difference between healthy food, so you stay full. Unfortunately, spring roll by meet maheswara food can only be ordered by pre order (PO) and not ready to serve. Such as wanting to suddenly have to hold back first. Hopefully in the future it will be ready to serve, because it really helps me who want to eat healthy but still delicious.

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