Review of Typical South African Foods

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Review of Typical South African Foods

Africa is not only famous for its stunning natural beauty, but also for appetizing African specialties. The unique combination of spices and natural flavors make these dishes unforgettable.

One popular dish is the Jollof Rice, red rice cooked in a rich tomato sauce and traditional spices. Its savory taste and tantalizing aroma make it a favorite throughout West Africa.

Not to forget, there is also Injera, a type of bread from Ethiopia made from fermented wheat flour. Injera has a soft, layered texture and gives a unique sensation when eaten with spiced dishes like Doro Wat (Ethiopia’s spiced chicken).


This one food comes from South Africa, to be precise from the Cape of Good Hope. The taste is a mix of sweet and spicy. The contents are minced beef, bread and various grains that are roasted or baked.

The marinade is curry seasoning. Made from ginger, marjoram and lemon zest. some add chopped onions in it. This bobotie is baked with raisins. It could also be with bananas, walnuts, or chutney. On top of it is placed a cream topping.

This one culinary is said to be a recipe from the Dutch Colonial era. The name in Indonesian is botok. However, in Indonesia it is common to use fish or tempeh, not meat.

Johnny’s Roti

The first South African street food that you must try is Johnny’s Roti. Johnny’s Roti is very popular as street food in Durban which is liked by almost all circles.

As the name implies, Johnny’s Roti is a bread filled with curried goat meat and cheese. This dish does have a tantalizing appearance for local residents. You can easily find Johnny’s Roti in many places in South Africa, especially in Durban and Mowbray.


Pampoenkoekies is one of the most popular South African street foods. This snack, which is often served as a dessert, is made from fried pumpkin as the main ingredient.

The fried squash is then mixed with flour, baking powder, milk, sugar, eggs and salt. The dough is then fried until golden brown and served with a splash of legit caramel syrup. This snack has a taste that is a blend of savory and sweet flavors. No wonder pampoenkoekies are often served as a breakfast menu, snack or dessert.


Is a processed form of dry seasoned meat, generally biltong is made from beef, but can also be made from other meats, such as ostrich meat that comes from livestock. Usually biltong is made from raw meat filets which are cut in length along the muscle fibers.

If you pay attention, this dish is similar to beef jerky because both are made from seasoned meat and then dried. However, the seasoning, taste, and manufacturing process are still different. The name of this food itself comes from the Dutch language which means a piece of tongue.

Why is it called a tongue slice? Because at first glance, this food is very similar to smoked tongue. This South African specialty is sold in units that are left long or cut into small pieces to make it easier to eat. This food has a slightly salty, sweet, and slightly tough taste.

South African people usually consume it as a snack. Or you can also cut it into dice-sized pieces and then boil it to make soup, a complement to biscuits or bread. Even some luxury restaurants are now also using biltong as a pizza topping.

The newest potato chips are now also sold with the biltong flavor variant. Mothers in this country usually also use biltong as baby chew, some shops sell biltong without seasoning for babies to stimulate their teeth growth.

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