Swiss Typical Food Review

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Swiss Typical Food Review

The following is the result of a review of the list of typical Swiss food that we have provided. Don’t forget to stop by the website because it will be very useful for you.


This dish that ranks first is indeed a typical Swiss dish that you really have to try while you are in Switzerland. This rosti is bread consisting of coarsely grated cheese, half-cooked potatoes, meat, onions, apples, and this rosti is usually eaten with sausage or spinach. This Rosti used to be the favorite breakfast of Bern farmers, and eventually some of these farmers sold Rosti. In fact, Rosti is loved by everyone in Switzerland. That’s why Rosti is a popular Swiss dish.

Engadiner Nusstorte

Engadiner Nusstorte or often called Bűndner Nusstorte is really delicious! Because Engadiner Nusstorte consists of sugar, nuts, flour, butter, salt, chopped walnuts, and Engadiner Nusstorte is usually enjoyed with a cup of coffee. Engadiner Nusstorte is a breakfast menu that is preferred by Swiss people. So while in Switzerland, you can look for Engadiner Nusstorte at a bakery, or a cafe in Switzerland which usually offers an Engadiner Nusstorte menu.

Saffron Risotto

The typical Swiss dish that we will discuss in fifth place is also very popular in Switzerland, and is one of the typical Swiss dishes that tourists hunt while in Switzerland. For those of you who don’t know, this Saffron Risotto actually consists of turmeric, cheese, and rice slowly cooked with onions. This is to make Saffron Risotto emit a more delicious aroma, and this Saffron Risotto also has a delicious taste! So don’t miss to try Saffron Risotto, and Saffron Risotto is usually sold in several restaurants or cafes in Switzerland.


This food is made from the basic ingredients of macaroni. It is made by mixing macaroni with cheese, potatoes, milk, apples and onions. It is usually served with a sprinkling of fried onions and smothered in boiled apple sauce on top. Initially this food was consumed by shepherds who lived on the slopes of the Alps to warm themselves and was made from makeshift ingredients. Judging from the composition, it feels a bit unique, right? Curious Avians want to try?


In French, fondue means “to melt”. This Swiss specialty consists of melted cheese, wine and garlic in a large pot called a caquelon in which people dip pickles, bread and onions using long forks. Although fondue is also found in Italy and France, the dish originated in Switzerland in the 18th century.

This Swiss specialty came about as a result of farming families needing to conserve their food resources as they were often limited during the cold season. Fondue, which is a symbol of unity as well as Swiss identity, is a dish that is usually eaten with friends and family. But be careful, there is a tradition that anyone who puts bread in fondue must face punishment. If this happened at a restaurant, maybe she should pay the bill and if it’s at home, maybe that person should do the dishes.

Cordon bleu

One of the most popular dishes from Switzerland is Swiss cordon bleu. This is an international dish consisting of a piece of meat stuffed with thin slices of ham and cheese. Generally the cheese is Gruyère cheese, then breaded and fried in hot oil in a pan or baked in the oven. Usually this dish is prepared from two pieces of meat sandwiched between ham and cheese. The term cordon bleu was first discovered in a cookbook in 1949. Today, there are many types of dishes such as chicken cordon bleu, veal cordon bleu and cordon bleu served with mushroom sauce.

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