The Most Delicious Famous Italian Foods

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The Most Delicious Famous Italian Foods

Typical Italian food is one of the countries that is successful in the culinary field. There are many culinary delights from Italy that are of high quality and recognized by the world, so Italian food is often associated with types of food that are expensive and of five-star quality. Are you a fan of Italian food yourself? If so, you certainly have to know about Italian food which is famous for being the most delicious throughout the world.


This is an Italian food that is a favorite of many people and is often found in various Italian restaurants throughout the world. Actually, gnocchi is a type of dumpling made from flour which is made in various flavors and styles. There are gnocchi that contain meat and there are also gnocchi made specifically for vegetarians which of course do not contain any meat at all. Have you ever tried this Italian food? You can enjoy it using sauce and cheese to make it more delicious.


You may have also heard the name of this Italian food. Ravioli was originally an Italian food that began to develop and become famous during Roman times. This food is made from spinach and ricotta. This Italian food menu is very suitable for those of you who are vegetarian and don’t like eating meat. Ravioli is usually served in small portions so if you want to feel full when eating ravioli you can eat 2 to 3 portions at once.

Carbonara Pasta

Currently, this Italian food called pasta carbonara can not only be ordered in restaurants specializing in Italian cuisine, but almost all restaurants now also serve pasta carbonara. Because it is usually served in portions that are not too large, carbonara pasta is often also served in several cafes that sell snacks. The characteristic of carbonara pasta is the thick cream which makes the pasta taste different. If you have the opportunity to come to Italy then you should try it directly from the original recipe, because the deliciousness is very different. Most carbonara pasta sold outside Italy has been modified.

Polenta and Cured Meats

Northern Italy has special dishes for certain seasons. The name of this Italian food is polenta. Polenta ingredients consist of yellow corn flour, then cooked with butter and Parmesan cheese. Polenta is usually eaten when it is cold in Italy. Apart from polenta, people also preserve meat. The name of the meat preserved as sausage is nduja. Quoting from, nduja is made from pork. This meat is then cured into spicy pork sausage.


Not only pasta, it turns out that Italy also has special foods made from rice, you know, Moms! Ironically, Italians are not fans of rice, even though they are the largest rice producers in Europe.

Taste of Home writes, Risotto is made by mixing stock and stirring until it forms a thick soup, but still leaves rice with a strong taste. The most famous type of risotto is probably risotto alla milanese. There are also other classic types of risotto such as risotto al nero di sepia, and risotto risi e bisi, both of which originate from Venice.


Not only savory and salty foods, Italy is also rich in delicious desserts, one of which is gelato. Even though it has almost the same structure as ice cream, gelato is different from ice cream, you know, Moms.

Gelato has much less butterfat than ice cream, which is around 4-8%, compared to 14% for ice cream. Apart from that, gelato has a much higher density. This makes gelato a low-fat dessert and is cooled at a slightly warmer temperature, enhancing the flavor and providing a creamier texture.


Arancini is a typical Italian snack in the form of rice balls. The way to make it is to fill rice with meat that has been seasoned with spices, mozzarella or nuts and then shape it into a ball. After that, the rice balls are coated with breadcrumbs and fried until browned

This food is a favorite among Italians because of its crunchy outside texture while the inside is creamy and tasty.

Chicken Parmigiana

As the name suggests, this food is made from chicken which is almost the same as chicken cordon bleu. The chicken is fried with cheese and sauce, then served with spaghetti. The difference between chicken parmigiana and chicken cordon bleu is the placement of the cheese. If in chicken cordon the cheese is put inside the chicken, in chicken parmigiana the cheese is placed on top of the chicken.

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