The Place to Remember on Your Weekend

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The Place to Remember on Your Weekend

Sakura (IDR 48k) is a salmon and avocado sushi topped with mayo and fish roe. I always prefer raw salmon sushi than the cooked one because it’s less fishy. Don’t forget to have your wasabi when eating sushi especially when it contains raw fish, because people said wasabi is effective in suppressing microbes and bacteria that can cause food poisoning if you eat it raw.

Spicy Crunchy Tempura sushi (IDR 30k) this is one of the new menu from Sushi Matsu and I must say this is my favorite. Yes it was greasy because it had tempura in it with plenty of sauce and mayo, but I can not resist after my first bite.

Honestly, I am impressed with their food, based on my experience, it was great! Our site sushi are just lovely, the Crispy Crunchy Tempura Sushi and the Soft Shell Crab and Unagi Sushi are my preferences. So, if you’re around Serpong area, do visit this place because they serve good sushi with affordable price.

Pitan Eggs
Pitan eggs, also known as thousand year eggs, are a typical Chinese food which is very famous in its home country. This food is made from chicken or duck eggs which are preserved for a long time, even for months. Come on, let’s try to make your own pit eggs.


125 grams of dry tea leaves
100 grams of charcoal, coarsely crushed
400 grams of whiting
20 duck eggs
400 grams of husks
Enough water
A mixture of dry and fine clay with pounded red bricks

How to make

Mix the clay and bricks with dry tea leaves, whiting and charcoal.
Add water and stir until evenly distributed. Leave it overnight.
The next day, wrap the duck eggs in the dough so that they are completely covered with a thickness of 1 cm.
Coat the covered egg with husk powder, then let it sit in a dry container for 100 days.
During the fermentation process, keep the room temperature at 25 degrees Celsius.
Clean the eggs from the clay after 100 days, boil them and then eat them with your favorite Chinese food.

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