These 5 Endangered Rare Animals, Only in Indonesia

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These 5 Endangered Rare Animals, Only in Indonesia

Indonesia has extraordinary natural wealth, including its flora and fauna. In fact, several animal species that are almost extinct and rare only exist in the forests of Indonesia. To the extent that, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) also helps protect these animals.

On the other hand, this has caught the attention of many foreign tourists. To just see these endangered and protected rare animals, they have to go all the way to Indonesia and go to remote areas.

Here are some rare animals that are endangered in Indonesia, what are they? Check out the following list

1. Borneo or Kalimantan is the only natural habitat for orangutans

Reporting from Orangutans are a nation of apes that are very similar to humans. Around the world, the number of orangutans is decreasing. Until now, only about 55 thousand individuals remain. Many of them live on the island of Borneo and 200 others on Sumatra.

The number of orangutans that continues to decline is due to their population requiring dense forests. Not only that, their habitat was seized by irresponsible parties for forced land clearing. This has attracted the attention of WWF and many volunteers from around the world to help captive orangutans in Indonesia.

2. Komodo on Komodo island

In 2017, the number of species of this giant lizard is only around 3,012. This figure includes an increase from the amount in previous years. Because of its rarity, the government has made Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara a national park and the Komodo dragon’s natural habitat.

One of the things that makes it difficult for Komodo dragons to breed is their mating process. Male Komodo dragons must fight first to mate with a female. Not only that, Komodo dragons that have just hatched from eggs are very vulnerable to being preyed upon by other predators or larger Komodo dragons.

3. Of the 7 species, 6 species of sea turtles live in Indonesia

Due to the large number of species of turtles that successfully live in Indonesia, the government also protects these animals by establishing captive breeding in various areas. Among them are on the island of Tanjung Benoa, Bali, the Thousand Islands, and Lombok.

Fortunately, people in Indonesia believe that turtles are animals that bring good luck. So, they also help a lot in the maintenance of turtles.

4. Tarsius tarsier, a rare primate that lives in Sulawesi

This primate has a small brown body with big eyes, and likes to hang from tree branches like a koala. Tarsius can’t keep his feet on the ground, because he keeps jumping from one tree to another.

Illegal clearing of forest land has reduced the population of these animals. As a result, the government made this small animal protected. Tarsiers can be found in forests in Sulawesi.

5. The Sumatran tiger is expected to become extinct in 2050

Most worrying because it is threatened with extinction, the number of Sumatran tiger sub-species is only around 300-400 living in the wild. The large number of illegal oil palm land clearing has disturbed tiger habitat. In fact, the population is expected to be wiped out by 2050 if left unchecked.

So, if we don’t want our children and grandchildren to only hear stories about tigers without seeing them, we are also responsible for protecting the forest. One of them is by not polluting the environment and saving resources, such as paper whose raw material is wood or trees.

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