These are the Impacts and Dangers of Drugs for Students, What Are They?

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These are the Impacts and Dangers of Drugs for Students, What Are They?

Anyone can do drugs, including students. Given the many negative impacts, you as a parent must be able to protect their children from these illicit goods. Because the impact will be very big and bad for children and their future. Then, what are the dangers of drugs for students?

7 Impacts and Dangers of Drugs for Students

Drugs or stands for narcotics, psychotropics and other addictive substances if consumed will make addiction. Once you are addicted, it is difficult to recover. In order not to fall into drug abuse, here are the impacts and dangers of drugs for students that must be known according to

1. Disease Can Be Transmitted Through Blood

Students who use drugs with needles are at high risk of contracting blood-borne diseases. The diseases that can be transmitted through needles are HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. If you already have the disease, the future will be bleak because these diseases are difficult to cure.

2. Brain development will be disrupted

Students who are in their teens when consuming drugs will be very dangerous. How not, adolescence is an age where they are still growing and developing. If you get to consume drugs and even addiction, brain development will be disrupted.

Taking drugs when you are young will interfere with the development of the brain. This will affect the performance of their decisions. As a result, such teenagers will tend to do risky things, such as driving dangerously, practicing free sex, and so on.

3. Leads to Addiction

Taking drugs can lead to addiction and serious disorders. In addition, they are also at risk of developing dangerous diseases and death. Students who abuse drugs can result in health problems in the future. Where they are at risk of developing chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure (hypertension), heart disease and sleep disorders.

4. Kidney Damage

The impact and danger of drugs for students is experiencing kidney damage. The kidney itself is one of the human organs that functions to filter excess minerals and make waste products from the blood. Abuse of illegal drugs such as heroin, synthetic cannabinoids, ketamine and so on has the potential to cause kidney damage and result in suffering from kidney failure.

5. Problems with Liver Organs

Drug use accompanied by alcohol consumption is not good for health. Consuming both of these can damage liver cells, causing scarring, inflammation and liver failure.

6. Experiencing Respiratory Problems

Apart from consuming drugs with needles, drugs are usually consumed by smoking. The method of consumption by being inhaled can damage the respiratory system, cause infections and also suffer from chronic respiratory system diseases.

7. Overdose

The negative impact of taking drugs for health and that is very dangerous is an overdose. In general, an overdose occurs when a person consumes large doses of drugs or it could also be due to consuming several types of drugs simultaneously.

In addition to the seven impacts and dangers of drug use for students above. In the short term, drug consumption also causes adverse effects such as:

Trouble sleeping or insomnia
Appetite changes
Heart rate increases
Changes in cognitive abilities
Speech becomes unclear
Loss of coordination of body parts
Temporary euphoria
In social life, drugs also have bad effects, such as:

Relationship problems with friends or family
Poor work or academic performance
Increased impulsive behavior

Loss of interest in pleasurable activities. So that’s information about the impact and dangers of drugs for students. For parents as much as possible to prevent their children to avoid drug consumption. One of them is by sending their children to schools that have good moral and character education, such as SMA Dwiwarna (boarding school).

SMA Dwiwarna (boarding school) has qualified and professional teaching staff and complete facilities. In addition, this school also has good moral education for its students. This is what makes students not only good at academic matters, but also have a good personality and can protect themselves from wrong associations.

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