This is a list of 7 typical African foods that are popular in Indonesia

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This is a list of 7 typical African foods that are popular in Indonesia

Indonesia has many typical Indonesian foods that have their own characteristics. But there are also many foods that come from abroad that are popular in Indonesia. One of the typical foreign foods that is popular in Indonesia is African food. Make no mistake if typical African food is not popular, especially in Indonesia. Typical African food has its own characteristics. The texture and taste of African food is very unique. Therefore, will provide a little insight into the typical food from this country. Please take a look at this country’s typical food which is popular in Indonesia.

1. Mandazi, Typical East African Food

Reported from eatmgm restaurant Mandazi is like a donut cake originating from East Africa. Many people sell this food in markets with added toppings. The ingredients of this food are water, flour, sugar, yeast, milk. It tastes sweet and delicious.

2. fufu, a typical African food made from cassava

Fufu is a typical food that can also be used as a substitute for rice to fill a hungry stomach. This food comes from cassava or sweet potatoes. The way to make it is quite simple, namely by mashing the cassava until smooth. How to eat this food with soup or pasta as a side dish. The taste of this food is delicious when relaxing with your beloved family at home.

3. Bobotie, South Africa’s National Food

South Africa is a country that is relatively advanced in terms of its economy. The food is also quite luxurious. One of the typical African foods which is also the national food is Bobotie. This food has a spicy and sweet taste. This food tastes of grilled curry minced meat. Please visit typical African food in Indonesia to know the real taste of this food.

4. Delicious Jollof Rice

This food is made with rice, tomatoes, tomato paste, meat, and spices. This food is usually served at parties. Because it is so delicious that people always eat this food.

5. Cassava Leaf Rice

This food is in great demand by several countries in Africa. This food comes from pounded cassava leaves which are cooked with meat or fish. But from various regions the cooking method is different, some are mixed with coconut milk or something else. Cassava leaf rice is also a staple food for daily meals.

6. Kachumbari, Unique African Food

This food is a food that is unique to African countries. The basic ingredients for this food are a mixture of fresh tomatoes and several other vegetables. This typical food is popular in the East African region.

7. Tagine, a typical African food from generation to generation

This dish is cooked using typical African pottery. Tagine is made from meat or fish. This food has been a tradition passed down from generation to generation in Africa.

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