Types of Employee Training and Development

August 14, 2023 Jasonfvck (0) Comments

Types of Employee Training and Development

The terms employee training and development should be familiar to all of you, especially if you work in an office. Yes, to improve employee performance and productivity, employees should indeed attend several training programs. These training programs are not only for the benefit of the company but also provide opportunities for employees to continue to develop themselves. additional info

Unfortunately, some people think employee training programs are not that important. For employees, for example bank employee training, training or training activities are considered boring and a waste of time. Meanwhile, for the company itself, training activities do require a sizable budget starting from hiring a mentor to funding for meals and snacks. Thus, the company officials themselves often think twice, whether employee training activities are really needed.

Language Training

Language training and development should also be considered if the company wants to grow further. Don’t close your eyes to language differences, because the company’s target market may turn out to be abroad, not in Indonesia. Take the market opportunity if it is good for the company.

Technical Training

One type of training that is often held by companies is technical training. Technical training is a type of training in which employees are taught to use various equipment within the company according to their area of expertise. For example, if you work as a technician in an automotive company, you will be taught to use the available tools and machines, such as car lifts, jacks, compressors, and so on.

In a question about employee development, it is often asked about what if the employees are proficient and proficient in operating all kinds of equipment. For example, if you are taking a college or course in the automotive field, surely the way to use tools and machines related to this field is beyond your head.

Team training

Providing team training to company HR is highly recommended. Because after all employees in the company will not work alone, they must be able to solve problems or work as a team so that company goals can be achieved.

Product Quality Training

The second types of employee training relate to the quality of the product or service being sold. For businesses or companies that focus on production activities, product quality is everything. Quality products are the main attraction for consumers. Thus, employees who work in this field need to be trained so that the quality of products and services is maintained. Moreover, there are many competitors out there who are ready to take over your market share.

Then, what are examples of employee training materials for product quality? In this training, employees are accustomed to always using predetermined production materials and complying with production procedures, usually related to how long, at what temperature a product is made and so on. In addition, in training and developing employees, they must also check the taste, use or efficacy of a product in order to maintain its quality.

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