Unique Restaurants from Around the World

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Unique Restaurants from Around the World

In recent years, many new restaurants have sprung up with unusual concepts to offer more experiences for their diners. Not only eating, visitors must also be able to take photos with a beautiful background so they can be updated on social media. However, these quirky restaurants offer a much more exciting experience than just the photos! Come on, check out the five unique, fun, and extraordinary places to eat in the following sydneysofsettle style

Dinner in the Sky

The first unique restaurant on the list this time carries the concept of aerial dine, aka eating in the air. Dinner in the Sky, the name of the restaurant, was originally a restaurant service from Belgium which was first launched by husband and wife couple Michael and Janeen Hinden so that many people can enjoy the sensation of eating at a minimum height of 150 feet above the ground. Therefore, anyone can request Dinner in the Sky to come to their country. So far, the Dinner in the Sky service has traveled to around 47 countries around the world, including Malaysia, Dubai, Israel and Hungary to fill important events such as birthday celebrations, hotel/mall openings, New Years, and others. other. In one ‘attraction’, Dinner in the Sky can accommodate 22 to 44 people with 3 waiters in the middle. Interested in trying?

Modern Toilets

In Taiwan, Ximending area to be precise, there is a unique restaurant with a toilet theme. The entire interior of this restaurant is made to resemble the conditions in a room normally used for bathing or defecating. Inside, there are seats in the shape of a toilet, a table in the shape of a bath tub, potty plates, to special menus such as crap ice cream, aka tai ice cream. Even though this idea may seem ridiculous/disgusted to some people, it turns out that this concept is enough to make many people interested in coming, you know! If you are, will you still have an appetite when you are in it?

Kayabukiya Tavern

In Japan, there is such a thing as Izakaya or sake-house. One of the izakaya that is quite popular in the Utsunomiya area (north of Tokyo) is Kayabukiya Tavern. The reason is, there are two monkeys working as waiters! So, don’t be surprised if suddenly your drinks are delivered by friendly monkeys named Yat-chan and Fuku-chan. In addition to delivering, they will also give customers a small towel that is usually used before ordering a drink. In return for the monkey’s service, customers may give soya beans (provided by the sake-house owner) to Yat and Fuku. No need to worry about hygiene, these monkeys are clean! Their working time is also limited to 2 hours, so don’t be sad if you visit but drinks are not delivered by Yat or Fuku.


This unique restaurant located in Canada carries the concept of dine in the dark or eating in the dark. Yes, there are no lights or light at all in the restaurant, so the atmosphere is completely pitch black! Of course, there will be one waiter in charge of guiding consumers to walk to the table, sit down, and order the menu. Visitors can choose a menu before arriving, can also request that food be served by surprise/random. By eating in the dark like this, everyone can train the other senses to be more sensitive, the taste of food will tend to be more pronounced down to the smallest details, you know! What’s more, most of the employees in this restaurant are blind people. The concept of dine in the dark is not unique to O’Noir. Several restaurants in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and England have also offered this new experience.

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