Unique Tattoo Recommendations

August 15, 2023 Jasonfvck (0) Comments

Unique Tattoo Recommendations

On the other hand, Indonesian society still has a negative stigma towards people with tattoos. Therefore, you cannot carelessly make a tattoo on your own body. But if you already have a commitment, you only have to imagine the design that you really want.

Well, in this case, you have to remember that a big and complicated tattoo doesn’t always look better. The key lies in the meaning of the tattoo itself or the reason why you choose a tattoo design. Therefore, size is not the most important thing because even a simple tattoo can have a big meaning. Basically, simple and small tattoos come out beautiful, subtle, strong, and have a deep message. At some point, one small symbol may even represent freedom, love, strength, honor, happiness, and so on. littlearttattoo

Semicolon (semicolon)

The semicolon is a tattoo design that is small, polite, easy to hide, and has a meaning that is no joke. For a writer, a semicolon is used as a sign to end words or not. And you are a writer who is writing your own book of life.

That is, the semicolon can represent passion, never give up, and tough. If you start to think that your life is too difficult and full of challenges to the point where you want to give up, use the semicolon symbol as an encouragement and a reminder that you have the choice to continue with your life. In this case, the semicolon is a representation that you are a strong and resilient person in overcoming the various challenges that are available in your life.

Infinity or limitless symbol

You may be quite familiar with this one symbol. Lots of people use it to describe something that is infinite, endless cycle, and eternal.

Likewise in the world of tattoos. Infiniti is able to symbolize anything that is unlimited. Love, compassion, respect, friendship, strength, or whatever! So if you want to express your feelings to someone special in your life, try using this symbol that comes with other additions–birthday, anniversary, and so on. Now, for the design itself, you can choose to draw smooth lines or dots. Put it where you want because this infinity symbol belongs to a flexible design. You can make it on your wrist, leg, shoulder, or something else.


If you are a cat lover, why not immortalize your love by making these adorable animal tattoos? If that’s still not enough reason, you must understand that cats represent luck, mystery, grace, intelligence, grace, including life after death. If you think about it, cats are actually like that. They are graceful, cute, adorable, and mysterious creatures. As a cat lover, of course you used to get worried because your pet suddenly disappeared for more than one day.

Or maybe you are one of those people who can’t resist an adorable cat face with big eyes. In fact, it’s so adorable, you’ve never been able to get angry with your favorite pet. To make a more beautiful tattoo design, you can combine cat images with other images such as the moon, flowers or hands.

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