Various Kinds of Houses to Live in

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Various Kinds of Houses to Live in

The government in carrying out its role always strives to provide good goods and services for its citizens, especially in the provision of infrastructure. Provision of infrastructure is the responsibility of the government for its citizens because infrastructure is not only seen as a public good but rather as an economic good. Therefore, the government has an interest in building infrastructure that is important for the community.
Infrastructure development itself can be carried out in various patterns, including:

One of the needs of human life is to meet the needs of living areas (board needs). This is because a residence or house has its own benefits for anyone who occupies it, such as providing relief from the surrounding natural conditions (weather and air) and other disturbances. Apart from being a place of refuge, the house also has benefits as a place to mingle with family and those closest to us. In addition, various types of houses can also be used as an area to build a culture of socialization with other residents. Not only that, there are several styles of houses that can be used as a residence or a place to live for survival.

Single House (Detached)
One of the many types of houses that you should know about is a single house (detached) or a single dwelling house or what is often referred to as a separate house. This style house is a separate residence from other houses (stand alone). Usually, this one house is only used or occupied by only one family and the distance is far from one house to another. Included in this style house, for example, villas, bungalows, mansions and including cottages. In general, detached houses or single houses are built on a wider area of land and are generally surrounded by a large yard.

Due to the limited funds available, the government is unable to finance the construction of all the infrastructure needed by the community, such as roads, bridges, drinking water networks and ports.
management is fully controlled and implemented by the government. While on the far right, management is fully controlled and carried out by the private sector. In the outsourcing model, management is taken from an outside party where the outside party can come from the private sector, while management concessions are handed over to the private sector but the ownership of the assets is still in the hands of the government and the management will be returned to the government after the entire agreed period is completed.

The form of concession cooperation is carried out for certain sectors which, for political or legal reasons, are considered inappropriate for privatization. Concessions can be defined as a form of granting rights to private parties to carry out development or management in certain sectors (usually in the infrastructure sector), where the private parties receive income from the results of the management, but the ownership rights of the land/land remain in the hands of the government.

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