Viral Places to Eat in Tangerang, Delicious and Famous!

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The Tangerang area is actually far from the city of Jakarta. However, in this area we can find lots of shopping centers, tourist destinations, and entertainment areas to use up time on weekends. Not only that, there are also various dining areas that provide lots of snacks and delicious food. In fact, some of them are quite viral because of their delicious menu and unique restaurant atmosphere. So, for those of you who live in the Tangerang area and its surroundings, these are some of the viral dining area calls that you can visit.

  1. Indonesian Grilled Sambal

Places to eat are located on Jl. Veteran No.12, Pasar Lama, Tangerang, belongs to a famous TikToker, Iben. Here, you will be provided with chili sauce that is burned in a mortar and various side dishes. The price is quite affordable, starting from IDR 13,000.

  1. Places to Eat Tatar Sunda

If you want to eat Sundanese specialties while enjoying the natural scenery and rice fields, Tatar Sunda can be the right choice. This restaurant is located on Jl. Raya Legok No. 68, Gading Serpong, Tangerang. To eat here, you only have to spend less than IDR 50 thousand / person.

  1. Place to Eat Heaven of Taste

Heaven of Taste is located on Jl. Raya Rawa Buntu No.18, Serpong, South Tangerang and has a mini Ubud design with bamboo buildings. This aesthetic dining place serves a variety of traditional foods and delicious market snacks, starting from IDR 30,000-IDR 150,000. If you are interested in presenting an Ubud atmosphere like the Langitna Rasa restaurant at home, you can wear this rattan chair.

  1. Gion Sushi

Sushi and other Japanese food lovers must stop by this area. Apart from being delicious, the restaurant at The Breeze BSD, Tangerang, also presents a beautiful and authentic atmosphere typical of Sakura country. You can also create a Japanese-style feel at home like this restaurant by using these dining tables and chairs.

  1. Mr. Hungry

Places to eat on Jl. Kisamaun No.225, Pasar Lama, Tangerang, has a semi-cafe design to make it suitable for hanging out. What’s more, Mr. Hungry also provides an instagramable rooftop seating area. Here, you can get a variety of coffee, rice and noodles for as little as IDR 30,000. Here are some suggestions for chairs and tables to create a rooftop cafe at home.

  1. Wood Wood

Many people must have been familiar with this area. Restaurants on Jl. Silk Road No. 28A, South Tangerang presents a dining design like in a forest. Kayu Kayu itself serves typical Indonesian food with a price range of Rp. 100,000-Rp. 200,000 / person.

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