Ways to Have Fun While You Study 

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Studying can be a trying experience. You can do everything right buying yourself treats, planning your time precisely, Entertainment Lawyer making sure your room is well- voiced and your president duly acclimated for your reverse, and still feel like you ’re counting down the days until the end of this study period, or until you leave academy, or – quite conceivably – until you retire. So then’s the challenge – style can you make studying not only tolerable, but laboriously delightful? This is a skill numerous scholars only learn when they go to university and begin to study a subject they laboriously love. When you ’re still studying subjects that you ’re indifferent to, and some that you long noway to have to study again, enjoying yourself has to be in malignancy of the subject, not because of it. One day you might come to like the subjects you detest at the moment, but it’s not likely to be when you ’re cramming them ahead of examinations. 

 Then are our top tips for chancing ways to have fun while studying – whatever the subject may be. 

 1. hear to good music 

 This is a classic study tip for a reason – everything is further fun when it’s set to music you love. Some people have the gift of being suitable to concentrate indeed while harkening to songs with tricky and compelling lyrics; some can indeed write an essay while singing along. Before you just go for your favourite songs, it’s presumably worth considering whether you’re one of those people. Guard – you might end up writing an essay that reads, “ The significance of this spiel in Hamlet is that it shows how Ophelia has gone from the other side, I must have called a thousand times ” Indeed if you ’re not conscious of being detracted by your choice of music, skipping a song that’s annoying car + write for us you or spending periods trying to find the right playlist could cut into your study time further than you realise. 

 2. Turn it into a game for yourself 

 We ’ve written about how to gamify your studies ahead, but it’s worth repeating because, done well, it really can help. The study aids of mystifications, quizzes and flashcards all valve into the fact that we frequently learn better with games, and are more motivated too. Have you ever spent time trying to get full marks on Sporcle when the work you ’re supposed to be doing languishes unattended? also you ’ll know how breaking commodity down into an attainable and measurable thing makes it much further fun. 

 The kind of game you choose will depend on your interests and your subject – history lends itself better to creating a sprawling 4- hour board game than, say, statistics, where you might rather use the principles you ’ve learned on real- world events, similar as sports. The process of coming up with a game might take longer than playing the game itself, but so long as you ’re engaging with your subject and going over what you need to learn as you do it, it ’ll still be precious. 

 3. Turn it into a game with others 

 Studying with musketeers is a bit of a minefield. It can be motivating and helpful, as you partake ideas that you might not have allowed

 of collectively. Or you can end up having so important fun that not much studying actually happens. 

 All the same, if you can make it work( maybe if there’s one veritably strict friend in the group who keeps you all on track), turning studying into a game with musketeers might just be the stylish way to combine studying with fun for the maximum quantum of both. “ construct a game and play it with your musketeers ” is a form for time- wasting much further than that kind of exertion on your own, so be sure to keep it simple. 

 Quizzes and treasure hunts are one way to go( for case, where you get the coming indication once you ’ve figured out the answer to an test question). still, you could try a study- themed verity or dare, in which your musketeers ask you suitably tricky questions for the ‘ verity ’, If you ’re up for further of a challenge. Just make sure that the dare does n’t feel to be the easier option than trying to get the answer right. You could set study- themed dares; for case, in English literature, if you ca n’t come up with a quotation to support a particular point for the verity, you have to write two paragraphs themed around that point for the dare. 

 4. Use nice stationery 

 Are you a stationery person? You ’ll know if you’re if browsing in Paperchase seems more intriguing than browsing in Topshop; if the delight of 

 every August is buying fresh inventories for September; if you enjoy more blank scrapbooks for use on some unborn special occasion than you enjoy filled scrapbooks that were n’t relatively special enough to save. 

 still, pencils, note- paper, If you have a office full of lovely pens. Write in fancy root pen if that sounds like commodity you ’d enjoy; it’s a bad idea to use it in your test, but being forced to decelerate down a little when taking notes as you ’re studying might help the information Gomorrah in better. Cover your notes in stickers if it means you ’re more likely to reread them. After all, if it’s not to be used when you have important studying to do, why bother hoarding lovely stationery in the first place? 

 5. Try roleplay 

 For any subject with stories and characters – Theatre Studies, English Literature and History are the egregious exemplifications – one way to get your head around the motifs is to pretend that you’re one of the characters, and roleplay as them for a while. What would Henry VIII choose for lunch? How would Marianne from Sense and Sensibility choose to have your room arranged? If Othello were suddenly transported into your body, would he be pleased, or disappointed? 

 Allowing these effects through might feel silly, but they can test your knowledge of the subject you ’re studying in a way that just going over your notes might not, opening up new avenues that you could explore – for case, might it count how old Henry VIII was at the time? What does that tell you about how his outlook changed during his continuance? If you ’re studying with a friend, you could try to have a discussion in character. You might not have enjoyed this kind of exertion in the classroom, but if you really know your stuff, it becomes more satisfying and pleasurable – when you ’re not just saying “ I want commodity succulent because I ’m a king ” but allowing about the foods Henry VIII enjoyed specifically, what religious restrictions there might have been on his food choices, and how open he was to other people impacting his opinions. 

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