Worldwide Mexican Food

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Worldwide Mexican Food

Mexican food included in the travel itinerary to Mexico? Mexico is indeed one of the countries in the South American region which is quite interesting to visit. Not only has natural beauty and unique culture, this country is also famous for having special food whose delicacy has gone global. Mexican cuisine is indeed quite unique because it is made with special spices and ingredients that are rarely found elsewhere. A variety of typical Mexican dishes that are quite popular and much sought after by tourists, ranging from snacks to heavy meals. So, if you are interested in going on vacation there, here is a list of Mexican specialties that are worth trying myfavoriteplacemexicanfood.


Mexico also has a delicious soup menu that makes your body fresh. The name of the soup is pozole, a traditional Mexican-style soup. Pozole is a historical meal because it has existed since pre-Hispanic times and is often served when there is a special ritual ceremony there.

Now pozole is one of the daily menus for Mexicans. This soup is made from corn grits mixed with meat. The soup is seasoned with typical Mexican spices. Usually, the filling is in the form of lettuce, chili, garlic, radish, shallots, limes, and avocado.


Most foods from Mexico use the same ingredients, namely tortillas. So is the same menu on this one. Taquito is made of rolled tortillas filled with beef or chicken, potatoes, and cheese. The shape and concept are almost similar to sausages or spring rolls.

This taquito will later be fried so the outside texture is crispy. Mexicans usually eat taquito with salsa or guacamole and cheese. Perfect as a snack and usually sold in Mexican cafes.


Continue to the next menu, there are enchiladas which are almost the same as burritos. This Mexican food uses tortilla ingredients which are rolled up to cover the filling. But different from taquito, this food is smothered in sauce and usually uses chili sauce. Mexican people are also creative by adding other types of sauce.

Cheese sauce and salsa sauce are usually the favorite choices for smothering enchiladas. The taste is good, the texture is crunchy but also soft. Can be a snack but also often used as the main menu. The tourists who come to Mexico really have to try it!


This one food is also very popular in Mexico. Sayurfriends must have often heard about tacos because they are also sold in Indonesia even though the taste is not authentic. Taco itself is a food made from tortillas and filled with meat inside. The types of meat vary from chicken, beef to pork.

Not only meat, Mexicans usually give a more complete filling. Starting from vegetables such as lettuce and tomatoes, cheese, eggs, and others. This food is very easy to find in Mexico. Street food vendors also usually sell tacos because they have many fans. The texture is crispy on the outside and the filling is complete.

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